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Asphalt Maintenance

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Asphalt Maintenance

The weather in Southern Oregon and heavy traffic takes a toll on your asphalt. Without proper asphalt maintenance your investment will soon become an expensive liability. At Statewide Sales & Service our team of trained professionals is ready to help you. Whether you’re a homeowner with a cracked driveway in Grants Pass or a resort facilities manager with miles of road and bike paths in Klammath Falls, we are centrally located in Medford, Oregon and have the tools to tackle any job.

The most common purpose of asphalt maintenance is to manage the flow of water over your asphalt and get it to the proper drainage site. By annually applying crack fill to new and continuous cracks in your asphalt, you prevent water from seeping into the subgrade, developing “pot-holes” and “alligator” cracks. When crack fill is coupled with a complete sealcoat application, water travels across your asphalt to gutters and basins, instead of through it eroding your asphalt and base.

Sealcoating will save you the thousands of dollars in major repairs.

Benefits of our services

Consider how these services can improve your property’s marketability

There's no question, a re-surfaced parking lot provides an appealing feature for walk-in traffic. It's an attractive feature that enhances the property value and marketability. Call today and let us handle all your parking lot needs!

  • Crack Fill

    By annually applying crack fill to new and continuous cracks in your asphalt, you prevent water from seeping into the subgrade, developing “pot-holes” and “alligator” cracks.

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  • Sealcoat

    Regular sealcoating can prevent the overall environmental damages that may occur throughout the lifetime of the asphalt. Choosing to regularly sealcoat will save longterm over repairs.

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  • Line Striping

    As a property owner or manager, it's important to keep your property looking its very best.If you own or lease retail space, the appearance of your facility can make a huge difference.

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Asphalt FAQ
Assuming that the initial asphalt pavement was designed and constructed properly, the primary cause of failure is the penetration of water into the asphalt base. This process begins with the oxidation of the pavement surface which causes the asphalt to dry and become brittle, this leads to the erosion of the top layer of fine particles and the appearance of larger stones and small cracks on the surface. If left untreated these cracks grow over time and eventually allow water to penetrate to the base of the pavement. Where water enters the base of the pavement the base material moves and settles leading to further cracking and an "alligator appearance". When the pavement reaches this stage the only option is removal and replacement of the old asphalt.
Generally you should wait a few months before sealing new pavement to allow it time to cure. The A.S.M.A recommends waiting 6-12 months before sealcoating new pavement.
After a surface has been sealed it should be re-sealed every 3-4 years or as necessity dictates.
Sealcoating seals the asphalt pavement, preventing the oxidation and erosion of the top layer of asphalt. It also seals the small cracks that can turn into large cracks and prevents water from seeping down to the base material.